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  • HR Academy Indonesia

Posted by : Admin HRA

  • 23 Dec 2020


Consulting Service

HR Academy is a trusted consulting partner to  organizations of all sizes from small to large organization.

HR Academy works with organizations across various  industries, for enterprise-wide deployment of  process improvement and quality initiatives using  various models like ISO Management System, Project Management, Risk  Management.

HR Academy has designed its offerings, to help  organizations align their strategic objectives with  day-to-day business and operational goals. Our services aid companies to reduce cycle time, increase  productivity and improve quality of service delivery  and processes.

HR Academy registered as BLK (Balai Latihan Kerja) at  Ministry of Manpower No : 2002317202.

HR Academy Registered as LPK  No: 1 / G.2 / / 3 / -1.837/ 2020.

HR Academy also registered  as Consultants at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights RI  No : AHU 38349 4010 2014


ISO Certification Consulting

As business pressures intensify, one thing is clear: success will  demand not only new skills and strategies but also new standardization  perspectives on how to build a strong business. This is the “smart-  business” difference.

Our expert teams work with organizations of all sizes and every type of activity - from  leading multinationals to small, innovative start-ups with a proven record in not just  achieved certification for our client’s management systems but in going further to  establish a ‘Lean Business Management System’ that is working for the business,  tailored to the business and benefiting the business.

HR Academy has a 100% certification record in working with  companies implementing Management Systems since  many years. But that is not just what we do.